Majored in Architectural Design from Los Angeles, California, and a Professional Jewellery Design from prestigious International Gemological Institute (IGI), Hala Alasmari is the founder and the creative designer behind Ofa Jewellery.

       Deeply rooted in the world of design, she always found herself redefining jewellery and its layout into contemporary designs that stand out. With her professional skill set and love for art, her curiosity grew day by day and sparked the idea of launching Ofa to design contemporary accessories that resonate with individual’s style and stories. 

       “Every design that I create has an emotional connect to where I come from, what I think or what I believe in” - Hala.

        Intrigued by a similar philosophy she spends her time nurturing everyday inspiration in designing every piece with a meaning and extreme dedication. From sketches to aesthetics to quality and the result, she ensures every creation speaks a story greater than its entity and evoke a sense of armour- a more ingenious idea of strength for every woman.


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