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Founded in Dubai in 2020, OFA has care, quality and authenticity set at its heart. From day one, designer and founder Hala Alasmari has collaborated with Dubai’s best artisans to create handcrafted jewelry, and has continued to work closely with her local community ever since. At the heart of the brand are thoughtfully produced designs that evoke a culturally rich heritage and a spirit of celebration. Ofa is known and loved for its authentic and luxurious jewelry, personalisable designs, and wearable pieces, made for fashionable souls and creative dreamers.


“When I started OFA, I didn’t want to name the brand after myself. I was thinking about others when designing jewelry and I had this idea of ‘One for all and all for one’ in mind. It was perfect and resonated with what I wanted to create, so I made it shorter, and OFA was born.”


Our Values

We are committed to creating thoughtfully produced, socially responsible jewelry that you can feel great about wearing. From our manufacturing choices to our organizational culture, making better decisions across the business, which reduce our environmental footprint and maximize our positive social impact, is a constant work in progress.

Ofa was born out of Hala’s passion for design and fashion, to create timeless jewelry using only precious materials and high quality stones that will stand the passing of time and trends. Major in Architectural Design and graduate in Professional Jewellery Design from the prestigious International Gemological Institute (IGI), she designs every piece with meaning and dedication, from the original sketches to the final results.


Our Mission

Since our beginning, our mission has been to build through OFA a community where we could celebrate each other with authenticity. We believe that, from the fusion of individuality and community results a space of self-expression and growth. We envision jewelry as an expression of self and we aspire to create pieces that will make you feel confident and unique, while being part of an empowering community.


“One of the first inspirations behind the designs was the Arabic sword. It’s such a popular symbol of celebration in the Arab culture, you can find it in almost every home as a decorative object. I wanted to use this positive motif and reinvent it through designs that would empower women.”

Our jewelry is designed with you in mind. We aspire to encourage you to celebrate yourself with jewelry, while supporting craftsmanship and local communities.



We stand by the forever quality of our pieces. Each and every one comes with a two-year warranty that guarantees that we’ll take care of your piece should any damage due to the metal or workmanship occur. In partnership with our jewelers, we select materials for their high quality. We only work with 18k gold, diamonds and gemstones that are carefully chosen.


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