Saudi Arabia National Day

In celebration of Saudi Arabia National Day, a day of pride and heritage, we wanted to highlight some of our jewelry inspired by the Kingdom.

As the homeland of our founder and designer, Saudi Arabia holds a place of special importance at Ofa, inspiring our designs with meaning.

“When jewelry speaks for you and reminds you of meanings that are close to you, then it becomes truly special.”


The Sword

One of the first inspirations behind Ofa's designs was the Arabic sword, a popular symbol of celebration in the Arab culture that can be found in almost every home. This positive motif is reinvented through beautiful jewelry that uplift and empower, reminding the wearer to be strong.

The Homeland


“This necklace is a respectful homage to Saudi Arabia. It is a little detail that I carry close to my heart. It contains all the beautiful memories of my home country and reminds me of them daily. ”


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About Us

Founded in Dubai in 2020, OFA has care, quality and authenticity set at its heart. From day one, designer and founder Hala Alasmari has collaborated with Dubai’s best artisans to create handcrafted jewelry, and has continued to work closely with her local community ever since.

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