Hala's Style Diary

Your favourite jewelry deserves to be shown off, but there is an art to pulling together a look that complements both your style and your outfit. OFA's founder and designer, Hala, explains how to work the different necklines of your everyday wardrobe with the perfect finishing-touch jewels.

Hala's Style Diary

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"It's never too much when it comes to jewelry, but sometimes less is more. Here are my simple tips to style your jewelry."


Sometimes our jewelry just doesn't go with the neckline we are wearing and overall outfit, and oftentimes there is just too much going on. Hala's tip to achieve a beautiful look is to visualise your outfit as a whole and consider what jewelry to wear based on your clothes and hairstyle.

◆ Halter top

With an halter top, I would generally avoid necklaces and instead focus on earrings. The high necklines on halter tops frame your face nicely, and earrings highlight it even more. If I am wearing my hair down, I'd keep the earrings quite small. 

Since I chose a casual black halter top, I am styling it with something easy to wear in the day time. Here, the jewelry ads a bit of interest without making this look too dressy. One pair of Alter Hoops would be enough, but I love layering so I am going to add an other one, especially because I love mixing gold colors. I know a lot of people think that mixing metals is a fashion faux-pas, but give it a try!

◆ Off-shoulder

Off the shoulder is probably my favourite cut. It gives a lot of freedom to accessorise and you can really get creative with your jewelry.

I usually start with a statement necklace and I stack up from there. For this look, I am using the candy charm on my alter chain and on my hoops too. Candy charms are such a versatile piece, I love them! They easily change your outfit and there are so many ways to wear them, so I enjoy experimenting with them.

With this type of neckline, you can get away with wearing too much jewelry. Since a lot of your skin is bare, it really does dress up your outfit so don't be afraid to go extra.

◆ Basic T-shirt

A good t-shirt is so underrated, but everyone owns one and I think it is a great piece to style with jewelry.

It is definitely a more casual item, but depending on how you style it, you can make it smarter.

I recommend to try a crisp black t-shirt with fine jewelry. For instance, some classic diamond pieces would look great, and I think the contrast between the every day look of the t-shirt and the more traditional diamonds jewelry works so well. 

You know I love a stack, and with a T-shirt I really like to mix and match. What's great is that you can associate sentimental pieces, like heirloom jewelry, to more modern gems. For the rest, I'd go with very simple earrings and delicate rings, so the focus stays on my necklaces.

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Founded in Dubai in 2020, OFA has care, quality and authenticity set at its heart. From day one, designer and founder Hala Alasmari has collaborated with Dubai’s best artisans to create handcrafted jewelry, and has continued to work closely with her local community ever since. At the heart of the brand are thoughtfully produced designs that evoke a culturally rich heritage and a spirit of celebration. Ofa is known and loved for its authentic and luxurious jewelry, personalisable designs, and wearable pieces, made for fashionable souls and creative dreamers.

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