A Personal Touch

The Ultimate Necklace Layering Guide

Why stop at one necklace when you can give your look a personal touch by mastering the art of layering?

Layering can lead to a delightful and creative mash-up — perfect for nonchalant yet elevated look that really highlight your personality. Unexpected pairings such as a a delicate pendant with a chunky chain is always a good choice but you can also experiment with different lengths, contrasts or charms with meaning to find your signature style. After all, this is part of the fun!

Our tips: Choose necklaces with different lengths such as chokers and lariats, or simply use the adjustable feature of our necklaces. Each chain should sit neatly above or just below the other to create the perfect cascade effect. You can also give different textures a try: explore pearls, dainty chains, embellished details or chunky paperclip links will give a more interesting contrast on the neckline. Lastly, don’t be afraid to mix colors and materials and show off your personality.

Looking for Inspiration?

Discover Hala's favourite tips to work the different necklines of your everyday wardrobe with the perfect necklaces.

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